Nurse Family Partnership Feature Piece

 “Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) is an evidence based home visiting program for first time, low income, moms and their babies. We typically get them when they find out that they are pregnant, their OB doctor will refer them to us and say they have someone that might be interested, we give them a call and let them know what we can do for them, and if they’re willing, they come into the program.,” Allison Farley, BSN, RN explained. Farley previously supervised the Nurse Family Partnership program at UPMC Susquehanna.

With over 1,200 moms participating in the program since its inception, Nurse Family Partnership plays a vital role in the lives of first time mothers and newborns in our community. First time moms are partnered with an RN that guides them during their entire pregnancy and first year of motherhood.

“Whenever I had an issue whether it was when I was pregnant or when I had my daughter, I could always call or text my nurse and ask questions no matter when it was. To be able to have that instant contact to ask ‘am I doing this right, should I go to the hospital,’ it helped greatly,” Jessica, an NFP client tells us.

Without the help of our donors and community members, programs like this would not exist.

“I still have a lot of contact with a lot of my patients and seeing them flourish and have other babies and marriages… it’s a really awesome program and we wouldn’t be here without Lycoming County United Way (LCUW), they’re such a significant role in what we do and they’re so supportive of what we do,” says Jamie Burns, RN.

“They are great people there [LCUW], they want to see us succeed, they want to work together and we can really appreciate that. When you are raising a child, they say it takes a village and it takes a village. It takes a lot of people who want to see children succeed. We have to work with a lot of agencies not just us alone, so United Way has always been such a great supporter of us, not just financially but like I said they really believe in community and believe in everyone working together and everyone being successful,” said Farley.

“We’ve had hundreds of moms come through this program now and the best thing is when somebody says ‘hey I’m going to nursing school because I had you as a nurse and I think that’s what I really want to do with my life.’ That makes us really proud to know that we’ve made such an impact that they want to be like us,” Farley said through tears.

When you support United Way, our entire community grows stronger together. Donate now to Lycoming County United Way to help more people like Jessica.