North Central Sight Services Feature Piece

“We have three missions in this community and that is to provide employment for people who are blind, provide support services and adjustment services to people who are losing their vision, and education and screening for child and adults for symptoms that may indicate vision problems. All three are equal and all three are very important to us,” says Robert Garrett, President and CEO of North Central Sight Services (NCSS.)

Serving six counties across Central Pennsylvania (Lycoming, Sullivan, Tioga, Centre, Clinton, and Bradford,) NCSS provides critical care and employment for the visually impaired.

Kenneth Bower, a 35-year employee and recipient of care at NCSS relies greatly on assistance  from the organization. “The organization for me, means a lot of independence. They take me to the doctor, we went on the Hiawatha, we go on trips, go grocery shopping, they help me read my mail, do my bills, things like that that you might take for granted.”

Lycoming County United Way funds two programs at NCSS - the prevention program and their social services. Through their prevention program, they provide vision screenings, educational programs, children’s functional vision exams, and eye care assistance programs.

Through their social services program, NCSS helps people with low vision live as independently as possible. They provide a sighted guide or transportation for the visually impaired, peer support groups, referrals to community resources, and assistance with daily tasks.

“We’ve been a partner with the Lycoming County United Way since shortly after our inception back in 1957. They have been a meaningful partner to us over the years. It is an integral part of our funding, every dollar counts. Over the years we have continued to grow our allocation with United Way, I think that comes from being a good partner and also providing quality services to the community,” says Garrett.

Giving members of our community an improved quality of life, North Central Sight Services plays an integral role in the lives of many of our neighbors and friends.

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